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That’s me. But I’m done 3/4 of my formal education of my post secondary degree! Woo! But guess what that means? Unhindered wedding planning! …until I start work on Monday. (But the best thing about working is no homework = free evenings!) It also means that I can actually update this blog *and* get things done so that I can look like this


instead of this.

(The funny thing is that I have the same hair as the latter.)

First thing on my list (after cleaning my room, of course) is to finish our second round of invitations and send them out. (I know, I know, I’m breaking the rules of etiquette, but I think that sometimes convenience > etiquette. I know, I’m a rebel.)

More updates to come soon!

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I’m on hiatus at this moment (studying for my last exam – woo!) but when I saw this in the comics this morning, I couldn’t resist:

 BC comic, April 27, 2008



Isn’t it just great to be a woman?

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Let’s get this out in the open: Mr. Bean loves the transformers and has loved them since he was a kid. They have played a relatively significant part in our relationship: my “initiation” as his girlfriend was to watch the 1986 Transformers movie in all it’s glory.


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“Unity Ceremonies”

As promised in a previous post, I have done some research about other types of unity ceremonies as an alternative for communion.

Option 1: Unity Candle.  

unity candle lighting

What it is:As most of you know, this is where the bride and groom takes a flame from two candles (representing each of their families) and jointly light the candle in the middle to represent their lives coming together.

Thoughts:Given that I’m a huge spaz and I’m going to be nervous, playing with fire is not the best idea. I think the thought is nice, but I don’t think it’s special enough.


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