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Keepin’ it Real

After 10+ months of wedding planning, Mr. Bean and I have finally  come up with a theme for our wedding.
That’s right, keeping it real. (Or Simple). The decision ended up with us having the nerdiest conversation ever about DC motors, capacitors and complex numbers. (Yes, we’re just that cool.)
Keeping it simple means:
  • No excess decorations, with everything being clean, bold and solid colors (aka. no frondly bits & no doilys.)
  • No patterns (especially floral!)
  • No bows
  • Only doing what is necessary – no excess “stuff” that places like the knot decide that you need
  • We’re not buying anything specifically related to weddings from any kind of craft or wedding store
We came up with this theme because both of us are fairly practical people who don’t like things with super amounts of frilly-things (aka. a fair amount of Bridal-y things.) Plus, keeping things simple will be easier on our wallets and help keep us sane. I do have a tendency to get very stressy at times, so this is key 🙂
I think it’s going to be a LOT of fun, for then we focus on the things that we want, instead of what we’re supposed to want.
What is your “theme” of your wedding? How did you come to it?

Remember to Keep it Real. (In our wedding colours nonetheless!)



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Mr. Bean and I received a gift from my great aunts this week (actually delivered to Mama Bean’s Office, I’m not sure why) that wasn’t on our registry. That might raise some ire from some people, but this gift was really cool: A handcrafted 16th century memory bench.

This is what the tag on the bench said:

“This Memory Bench was requested and carved especially for you. It is a reproduction of a 16th century English joint stool whose pieces are joined together using a method known as mortis and tenon, with the bottom rails allowing the user to keep their feet off the cold stone floor.

Some of the original stools built 400 years ago are still in use today. In their day, these stools were the common form of seating at a time when the chair was reserved for the lord and lady of the house.

Often they were decorated with carvings of repeated patterns and shapes, or years or initials. This custom has evolved into what you have received today.

May it serve you well for many years.”

Our carvings, as you probably guessed it, are our names and our wedding date. How cool is that?



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As I mentioned previously, Mr. Bean and I are etiquette rebels when it comes to our guest list and invitation sending. First off, we did not send save the dates.


We didn’t do any STDs to save money and neither of us had heard of/received them before. We also thought logistically only sending out one round of “invitations” made sense. Does anyone know where this “tradition” originated?

Our reception venue, which is the limiting factor in terms of size, holds 200 people with tables on the dance floor and 180 without tables on the dance floor. We wanted the dance floor to be clear, so that it isn’t a huge production halfway through the evening. The website of the hotel gives this lovely floor plan:


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Lingerie Party Card

One of my friends (who Mr. Bean and I are being MC’s for – more on that later) who is also getting married this summer is having her lingerie party tonight. For such events, I usually try to hand draw an interesting card for the recipient. For my friend’s lingerie shower in December, I drew a picture of inspired by this: Scroll Down to “Hermione has Issues”. (It’s in 2006, about 2/3 of the way down that list.) Who can resist the lure of “Seduce, like whoa”? Unfortunately I didn’t get a scan of that card, but I did scan today’s card.

At my shower discussion night, we talked about dominatrixes a fair amount. Thus, I thought it would be only suiting to give my friend a card with one on it – especially since she’s not the most likely contender to be one 😉


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Tonight the lovely ladies and I (aka. the female half of the bridal party) got together at Sister Bean’s hut to discuss bridal showers! We had a great time discussing various ideas of what should happen – I am so blessed to have such willing and helpful ladies as my “gang”.

I am not a person who really enjoys being in a spotlight for long periods of time, so we decided that one big shower (instead of a string of 50 billion showers) for everyone so that my death by embarrassment only happens once. Then, they are going to throw a more intimate lingerie shower for friends, where we have dinner, hang out and make fun of me as I get embarrassed about receiving racy items. Oh, and of course the infamous bachelorette 😉

I’m super excited about the theme of my bachelorette party – no wild partying at clubs for me! Here’s a teaser:


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