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Recaps: Family Time

We had our picture time at Bowness Park, which is a really quite lovely place for pictures. Or Picnics. Or BBQs. Or walks. Or skating in the winter. I digress. First off, we had family formals by the lagoon – I won’t bore you with the many permutations and combinations of photos, just the more exciting ones.

16052006This is my family. They are pretty much awesome and I love them a lot.

16242066This is unfortunately the only picture that “turned out” with Mr. Bean’s family. Yes, my face is scrunched up and I look like I’m more baring my teeth than smiling. But I’m still happy! I do find it hilarious that Ian’s brothers missed the memo to put their head in.

16072021There we go. Classic Bean sibling shot. It has to be one of my favourite shots ever as we do it pretty much every time photos are taken.

16252080And here we are laughing and lovingly gazing into each other’s eyes. Awww…

We decided to only have family formals with our immediate family and grandparents or else it would have taken a REALLY long time. It probably would have been 60 or 70 people if everyone who was related to us came and that would be somewhat of a nightmare.

Who is coming/came to your family formals? Are/Did you look forward to them or were they just a necessity for you?

Next up: Bridal Party!

As usual, Photos by Kathleen Goertzen.


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Note: The opinions stated here are based on my experience with each place.

Mr. Bean and I decided that part of our Christmas presents to our parents would be a photo book for each of them. Both were originally going to go with Blurb, but two things happened. First of all, someone posted on weddingbee that there was a Canadian book printing place called “Photo in Press“. This piqued my interest because they said that it was where a lot of place got their books printed and it’s Canadian (=save me money on shipping.) Second thing was for my inlaw’s book, it stopped being able to find our wedding pictures on our computer. Thus, I decided to redo their book on Photo in Press and keep my parent’s book on blurb. Thankfully my parent’s book was already complete.


Description: 28 page full colour hard cover book with premium quality paper. The book has a printed dust cover.

Size: 7×7 inches.

Design notes: Many flexible options for picture layouts, but layouts good for photo books seem to be limited. Allowed you to size pictures however you wanted and has designs where photos were overlapped. Blurb requires you to have a copyright page and a back page. Up to 40 pages is $22.95 USD.

Program use: Program was very easy to use, but used a lot of ram on our poor old compy.

Cost: $25.95 USD for 28 page book with premium quality paper. I found a $10 off shipping coupon online, so priority shipping to Canada was only $10.80.
Total: $36.75 USD = 45.46 CAD (boo! not nice exchange rate!)

Quality of Printing: Okay, you could tell that it wasn’t photo lab quality, though. The paper was nicer and thicker than Photo In Press though!

Shipping Time: I ordered it on November 1st. It was shipped on November 11th and arrived on November 26th.

Photo in Press:

Description: 20 page full colour hard cover book. The hard cover is black suede and has a window in it to see a picture.

Size: 8.75 x 11.25 inches

Design notes: Many flexible options for picture layouts, but they don’t allow you to fit pictures in smaller than the frame or to overlap photos. Photo in Press does not require you to have a copyright and back page, which saves 2 pages in the page total. Extra pages beyond 20 are $.99 CAD per page.

Program use: Program was very easy to use, but also used a lot of ram on our poor old compy.

Cost: $29.99 CAD for 20 page book. Shipping was $8.39 CAD to Alberta and GST was $1.50 CAD
Total: $39.88 CAD

Quality of Printing: Pretty good. Paper was similar to what you’d find in a story book.

Shipping Time: I ordered it on November 1st. It was shipped on November 4th and arrived on the 12th. Not bad.

Mr. Bean and I have decide that for our future printing projects, we’re going to go with Photo impress, for you get more “bang for you buck” and shipping is A LOT cheaper and faster since we’re in Canada.

What have been your experiences with Online Photobook printing places? Which ones would you use again?

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A Brief Interlude…

Happy Three-Month-a-Versary to us!

That’s right! Three months ago, Mr. Bean and I were married. Where did the time go? We’ve had lots of fun and lots of less fun things, but it’s only going to get better 🙂


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Recaps: And They’rrrre Off!

After we proceeded down the aisle, we headed to our getaway car which was conveniently parked right outside the church doors (more or less). I was very adamant that we not have a receiving line right after the ceremony because saying “hi” to 150+ people does not go by quickly! (We had pictures to go and take!)

So instead, we first stood around (looking very pretty, of course!):


Note: Here you can see how tightly my dress was tied up and it was still a bit too loose around the waist/hips. I guess I should have gotten the smaller size. Oh well!

Then wrote our new marital status on the back on Mr. Bean’s car (just like facebook!):

15221860 15231870

Then greeted a few people:


Struck a few poses:



And were ready to go get pictures taken! (And of course, start our new lives together!)

Random Note: The title of this post is what the guy who used to announce the Chuck-wagon Races at the Calgary Stampede. He’s so cool.

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Recaps: Ceremony Part 2

Where we left off last, Mr. Bean and I were ready to get hitched. I think I forgot to mention that we got married in our home church of St. James Anglican. It’s not the most beautiful church in my city, but it holds special meaning to both of us (Mr. Bean has been going there with his family for 17 years!) and it’s still pretty nice looking. Another plus of getting married at your home church – you already know the priest!

Our service was taken directly from the Anglican Book of Alternative Services, which mean that there wasn’t too much room for customization. But that’s okay, I think it’s a really beautiful service regardless and all the important elements were included. We ended up not doing any sort of “unity ceremony“, which I kind of regret. But there is nothing I can do about it now.

14470492 (more…)

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Recaps: Ceremony Part 1

In the last post, we left off where we were all dressed and ready to go to the church. So we happily piled into vehicles and drove! I drove with my parents and it was quite an interesting experience because I just let everything go. I knew that I was going to get married and whatever else happened, I wouldn’t care. (That’s what my friend Dana, my DOC, was for!)


At the back of the church is a little room where the female half of the bridal party waited for our que to enter. We were set to start at 1:41 (anyone know why?) but I think we actually started just a few minutes late, which isn’t too bad. Has any one else been to a wedding that was 1/2 hour late *and* they asked the guests to arrive half an hour early? At least I knew lots of people and got to catch up with them. (more…)

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Recaps: Getting Ready Part 2

To begin where we left off, the Bean Bridal party had just eaten a wonderful lunch of Crepes, courtesy of my sister. Now it was time to get the bridesmaids all dressed before the photographer arrived! weddingphotosfromanne-023 weddingphotosfromanne-0251

Heather was a champion at lacing up the backs of dresses – she did mine and Laurel’s! If you look at the picture frame in the picture on the left, you can see my family’s old fashioned photos from approximately 10 years ago!

When my photographer, Kathleen Geortzen arrived, she proceeded to take some detail pictures while we putzed around. (more…)

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