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I have to admit that I’m quite proud of our kissing game. You got a hint of it with my brother earlier. So what was it? Here were our rules:

When someone rolls the dice:
Even numbers: Bride and groom kiss
For Odd numbers to get us to kiss:
3 – Roller has to kiss another person to get the bride and groom to kiss
5 or 7 – Roller has to give a piece of advice, tell a joke or a favourite memory of either the bride or groom
9 or 11 – Roller has to wear a feather boa until someone rolls a nine or eleven
It didn’t quite work that way, but that’s okay as people seemed to enjoy themselves.
So the dice were rolled, and so we kissed:
Entertainingly, it became  a contest for two of Mr. Bean’s cousin’s kids to wear the feather boa. I smell embarrassment when they eventually get married:
We had to cut it off for the sanity of their parents. But that didn’t stop Anne and Laurel from wearing them:
Or prevent me from dancing with it:
I could go on to tell about our dancing, but I already blogged about it previously here and here.
What are your favourite kissing games at weddings?
Next up: The details!
As usual, the photos are from Kathleen Goertzen from Precious Portrait.
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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Dancing… Yeah! Part 2

Let’s begin where we left off last time:

Exhibit 4: Love song (aka. slow) dancing

We had a surprising amount of people dance at our wedding – I think they were even off the dance floor! They also allowed my photographer to take some shots like these:


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Dancing… Yeah! Part 1

I’m not bashful in saying that I LOVE dancing but I am not very good at it. But that doesn’t stop me from having fun (and making a fool of myself)! I guess one could say that one of the “themes” of my wedding celebration was dancing – for lots of it happened! 🙂

Exhibit 1: Bachelorette Party

For my bachelorette party, we went burlesque dancing. It’s safe to say that attempting to shimmy in a strapless bra that is too big is not the most pleasant experience. (And I still can’t shimmy!) Unfortunately there are no pictures of us dancing, but we do like to pose.

I'm the one on the right in the right with the super hot socks and red boa.


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