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Recaps: Penguins

I admit it, I love penguins. My first stuffed animal was a penguin (named Applesauce because my sister read the label saying “applause” incorrectly.) I squee at the sight of penguins – it doesn’t matter what kind. I thought that March of the Penguins was really depressing because the narrator was always saying: “And then this happened and more penguins died.”

Well, I think that paints the picture for you. So how did we incorporate penguins into our wedding? First of all, our colours were black, white and red. You’ve already seen the penguin cake topper, but because I like it so much, I’ll show it to you again.


Next up are our ceremony programs. Instead of creating a nice stamp with our names or something on, it I decided to use a special kind of stamp:


And last, but not least, were our table numbers. All the pictures were taken at my parent’s cabin, but some in March and others in July. One of our friends gave us this board and we hung it up in our closet to show wedding paraphernalia, such as our remaining table numbers.


On the backs of the table numbers were just a plain number, tying in the theme of the rest of our stationary.


What mini theme did you/do you want to incorporate in your wedding?

Well, I think that’s pretty much it for my recaps. I might post a few more general ideas for things and recap the weddings I’m going to this summer (but, that’s a ways away.) What would you be interesting in reading about? Ideas and inspirations? Our Stationary? Our honeymoon? Pictures and ideas from previous weddings I’ve been to?

First photo taken by Kathleen Goertzen of Precious Portrait. The rest of the are taken by me and my terrible photography skills.


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I realize that my “details” might not be quite as exciting as some people as about a month or two before the wedding, I just kind of stopped caring about them and I was too busy doing other things.

First, let’s start with some florals:

This is my tossing bouquet with the type of wine we ended up choosing. It was pretty good!


Our semi-economic centrepieces – 12$ each. I kind of wish I did something a bit more original, but in the end, it doesn’t really matter. But I can stil wish…


My gorgeous bouquet. I dried it by hanging it from one of our lamps and now keep it in a vase in our kitchen.


I love Shirley Temples. I’m not a huge alcohol drinker and I didn’t want to be drunk on my wedding day, so Shirley Temples it was. But, I’m not the only one:


Most of the paper related items in our wedding were very simple: usually a white paper with information on it with a red or black frame. Here is our Reception schedule:


Here is kind of what each table was set up like: flowers and electric candles on mirror (we weren’t allowed any open flames), one bottle each of red and white wine, reception programs and place cards.


We had really funky looking napkins. Originally, they were supposed to be erect cylinders, but you know how well that would go over with a bunch of engineers *rolls eyes*.  You can kind of see part of a place card on the bottom left.


Here is our dessert table – too bad I couldn’t really eat anything from it! (We also had a fruit platter. And I ate cheesecake with the crust cut off, for that’s how I roll.)



How much effort did you put into “the details” at your wedding? Did any one notice and/or appreciate them? If you’re not married yet, is that a priority for you?

Next up: A Penguin mini theme.

All pictures taken by Kathleen Goertzen of Precious Portrait.

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Let’s get this out in the open: Mr. Bean loves the transformers and has loved them since he was a kid. They have played a relatively significant part in our relationship: my “initiation” as his girlfriend was to watch the 1986 Transformers movie in all it’s glory.


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