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Recaps: Family Time

We had our picture time at Bowness Park, which is a really quite lovely place for pictures. Or Picnics. Or BBQs. Or walks. Or skating in the winter. I digress. First off, we had family formals by the lagoon – I won’t bore you with the many permutations and combinations of photos, just the more exciting ones.

16052006This is my family. They are pretty much awesome and I love them a lot.

16242066This is unfortunately the only picture that “turned out” with Mr. Bean’s family. Yes, my face is scrunched up and I look like I’m more baring my teeth than smiling. But I’m still happy! I do find it hilarious that Ian’s brothers missed the memo to put their head in.

16072021There we go. Classic Bean sibling shot. It has to be one of my favourite shots ever as we do it pretty much every time photos are taken.

16252080And here we are laughing and lovingly gazing into each other’s eyes. Awww…

We decided to only have family formals with our immediate family and grandparents or else it would have taken a REALLY long time. It probably would have been 60 or 70 people if everyone who was related to us came and that would be somewhat of a nightmare.

Who is coming/came to your family formals? Are/Did you look forward to them or were they just a necessity for you?

Next up: Bridal Party!

As usual, Photos by Kathleen Goertzen.


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