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Recaps: Penguins

I admit it, I love penguins. My first stuffed animal was a penguin (named Applesauce because my sister read the label saying “applause” incorrectly.) I squee at the sight of penguins – it doesn’t matter what kind. I thought that March of the Penguins was really depressing because the narrator was always saying: “And then this happened and more penguins died.”

Well, I think that paints the picture for you. So how did we incorporate penguins into our wedding? First of all, our colours were black, white and red. You’ve already seen the penguin cake topper, but because I like it so much, I’ll show it to you again.


Next up are our ceremony programs. Instead of creating a nice stamp with our names or something on, it I decided to use a special kind of stamp:


And last, but not least, were our table numbers. All the pictures were taken at my parent’s cabin, but some in March and others in July. One of our friends gave us this board and we hung it up in our closet to show wedding paraphernalia, such as our remaining table numbers.


On the backs of the table numbers were just a plain number, tying in the theme of the rest of our stationary.


What mini theme did you/do you want to incorporate in your wedding?

Well, I think that’s pretty much it for my recaps. I might post a few more general ideas for things and recap the weddings I’m going to this summer (but, that’s a ways away.) What would you be interesting in reading about? Ideas and inspirations? Our Stationary? Our honeymoon? Pictures and ideas from previous weddings I’ve been to?

First photo taken by Kathleen Goertzen of Precious Portrait. The rest of the are taken by me and my terrible photography skills.


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I have to admit that I’m quite proud of our kissing game. You got a hint of it with my brother earlier. So what was it? Here were our rules:

When someone rolls the dice:
Even numbers: Bride and groom kiss
For Odd numbers to get us to kiss:
3 – Roller has to kiss another person to get the bride and groom to kiss
5 or 7 – Roller has to give a piece of advice, tell a joke or a favourite memory of either the bride or groom
9 or 11 – Roller has to wear a feather boa until someone rolls a nine or eleven
It didn’t quite work that way, but that’s okay as people seemed to enjoy themselves.
So the dice were rolled, and so we kissed:
Entertainingly, it became  a contest for two of Mr. Bean’s cousin’s kids to wear the feather boa. I smell embarrassment when they eventually get married:
We had to cut it off for the sanity of their parents. But that didn’t stop Anne and Laurel from wearing them:
Or prevent me from dancing with it:
I could go on to tell about our dancing, but I already blogged about it previously here and here.
What are your favourite kissing games at weddings?
Next up: The details!
As usual, the photos are from Kathleen Goertzen from Precious Portrait.
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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Recaps: The Reception – Toasts

After we arrived, we sat down to dinner. We had a buffet of Roast Beef and Lemon Pepper Chicken and it was prepared REALLY well. (ie. my very picky and opinionated uncle said that this was the best wedding fare he’s had, which has to mean something.) We had my friend Dana (our DOC) and a few other people get the head table food from the buffet. I highly recommend having someone give you your food on your wedding as it prevents moments of extreme spasticity.

After Dinner, as you probably have guessed, came the toasts. Or should I say roasts for 3/5 of them.

First up was my sister Anne, the Maid of Honour.


Her speech was really heartfelt and included a fair amount of teasing – as is natural for the older sister to do to the younger.

Then was Ken, our Best Man. He did a pretty good job of relaying many of Mr. Bean’s somewhat ridiculous university adventures (or should I say misadventures).


Next up was Laurel, Ken’s wife. Hers was really cute because it was based on pi, which us somewhat fitting for a physicist and an engineer.


My parents were next. At first, my dad sounded like a robot, but the got more comfortable as the toast went on. Besides, what’s not to like about telling everyone about your daughter’s misadventures?


At this point, my brother wanted to put in his two cents as the rest of my family had, so he gave Mr. Bean this gem:

“Any married man should forget his mistakes. There’s no use in two people remembering the same thing.”


Next up were Mr. Bean’s parents, who proceeded to roast Mr. Bean about many of the embarrassing moments in his life. A large part of the toast was trying to convince me to become a Saskatchewan Roughriders Fan*.


Once the toasts were complete, Mr. Bean and I went up to say our thanks to everyone who came and/or helped our. I was incredibly incoherent, but that might have been because neither of us really thought about our speech before it was supposed to happen. Oh well.

This picture below emulates one of my parent’s token wedding photos. I think they had about 20 photos, whereas we ended up with 600+ professional photos and hundreds of others.


So, you might be wondering how the toasts were received. I hope the next few pictures will show you:






What do you like most about toasts at weddings?

Next up, cake cutting!

*Mr. Bean’s family on his dad’s side are crazy Roughrider’s fan. (Don’t know who they are? Well, they’re from the Canadian Football League.) Most people in Saskatchewan are obsessed with the Roughriders – so much as to even wear watermelons on their faces or heads to games. FIL Bean once threw out his Roughrider’s shirt because they were having a really bad season. Go figure that he bought another one when they won the Grey Cup.

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Recaps: Us! Part 2

Part 2: The Goofs

In case you haven’t guessed, Mr. Bean and I are quite silly. What could be some highly romantic or dramatic  shots, we turn them (quite happily) into goofy shots. For example:



We laugh when the style of picture doesn’t call for it:



For some reason, I really like striking this pose. I think it’s awesome:


You know how there are veil shots where people gaze lovingly at each other? Well, we’re doing it wrong.




17183140 I don’t think that the veil was supposed to come off of Mr. Bean. Oh well.

What are the personalities of you and your SO like? Do you have any pictures that accurately show it? I’d like to see! 🙂

Next up: Our take at “modern” photography.

All photos by Kathleen Goertzen.

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After our family formals were done by the lagoon, we wandered around Bowness Park and took pictures. Our service ended earlier than I expected and no one needed to have a pee break, so we had about 1/2 hour more time than planned for pictures. The sad thing is that we probably could have enough used more! (Alas, no pictures by the river for us!)

A Story of the Bean’s wonderful Bridal Party:


This is our wonderful bridal party. Aren’t they looking sharp? They are so kind to stand on docks with us.

17303188And hang out in trees while trying not to get their feet stepped on… (*cough* Mr. Bean)

1743327417473299And make lots of silly poses…

182035021Point at things… (This is actually a joke for Mr. Bean and his two best friends. At each of their weddings there is a picture of them all standing on a picnic table pointing at things.)

17563373 17593396 17563359

Play around with the Groom…

163312711No Comment…

And last but not least:

17373240And… Make about the most awesome jumping picture ever.

Next up: Photos of just us!

As usual, photos by the talented Kathleen Goertzen.

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Recaps: Family Time

We had our picture time at Bowness Park, which is a really quite lovely place for pictures. Or Picnics. Or BBQs. Or walks. Or skating in the winter. I digress. First off, we had family formals by the lagoon – I won’t bore you with the many permutations and combinations of photos, just the more exciting ones.

16052006This is my family. They are pretty much awesome and I love them a lot.

16242066This is unfortunately the only picture that “turned out” with Mr. Bean’s family. Yes, my face is scrunched up and I look like I’m more baring my teeth than smiling. But I’m still happy! I do find it hilarious that Ian’s brothers missed the memo to put their head in.

16072021There we go. Classic Bean sibling shot. It has to be one of my favourite shots ever as we do it pretty much every time photos are taken.

16252080And here we are laughing and lovingly gazing into each other’s eyes. Awww…

We decided to only have family formals with our immediate family and grandparents or else it would have taken a REALLY long time. It probably would have been 60 or 70 people if everyone who was related to us came and that would be somewhat of a nightmare.

Who is coming/came to your family formals? Are/Did you look forward to them or were they just a necessity for you?

Next up: Bridal Party!

As usual, Photos by Kathleen Goertzen.

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Post Wedding Photo Shoot.

Shame on me, I haven’t posted in a ridiculously long time. But I’m married now, so I guess this blog is somewhat redundant. However, I do have some fun stuff to share!

Since many of my friends have gotten married in the last year and a half, we thought it would be fun to take our dresses out of the closet and take some pictures! Unfortunately, only three on us could make it this weekend, but it was a blast! Our friend Mark of By Design Visuals is a budding photographer in Calgary and graciously offered to take our pictures.

In front of the Ranch House at Heritage Park

In front of the Ranch House at Heritage Park

(I’m the one in the middle!)

Being all artsy

Being all artsy

The pictures were taken in Heritage Park in Calgary, which makes an excellent back drop! My favourite part was all the little girls staring and exclaiming “Those are princesses!”.  You can see a sample of the pictures on his blog here.

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