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Recaps: Getting Ready Part 2

To begin where we left off, the Bean Bridal party had just eaten a wonderful lunch of Crepes, courtesy of my sister. Now it was time to get the bridesmaids all dressed before the photographer arrived! weddingphotosfromanne-023 weddingphotosfromanne-0251

Heather was a champion at lacing up the backs of dresses – she did mine and Laurel’s! If you look at the picture frame in the picture on the left, you can see my family’s old fashioned photos from approximately 10 years ago!

When my photographer, Kathleen Geortzen arrived, she proceeded to take some detail pictures while we putzed around. (more…)


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As promised, here are the recaps for my wedding in August!

I slept in until 7:30 am (yes, it is sleeping in – that’s what time I usually start work at!) and went for a run with my sister Anne, my maid of honour. Note that I am by no means a runner – I would much rather bike. However, I have this tendency to start biking and not stop for a long while, which wasn’t desirable for being on time on my wedding day.

Yes, that is a cow shower-cap.

Yes, that is a cow shower-cap. In my hot running outfit.


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