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Lingerie Party Card

One of my friends (who Mr. Bean and I are being MC’s for – more on that later) who is also getting married this summer is having her lingerie party tonight. For such events, I usually try to hand draw an interesting card for the recipient. For my friend’s lingerie shower in December, I drew a picture of inspired by this: Scroll Down to “Hermione has Issues”. (It’s in 2006, about 2/3 of the way down that list.) Who can resist the lure of “Seduce, like whoa”? Unfortunately I didn’t get a scan of that card, but I did scan today’s card.

At my shower discussion night, we talked about dominatrixes a fair amount. Thus, I thought it would be only suiting to give my friend a card with one on it – especially since she’s not the most likely contender to be one 😉



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