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Sorry for my prolonged absence. This is what happens when you start a new job, buy a condo, go on a business trip and get sick. Anyways, I digress. Now for my long awaited post about MC-ing.

Why MC-ing? Well, why not? I find that MCs are usually fairly low on the list of a Bride’s to-do list and I haven’t seen one weddingbee post on MCs*. How important to you are your MCs? I admit that I have personal reasons to think about as Mr. Bean and I are MC-ing our friend’s wedding at the end of July. I am a bit nervous (of course Mr. Bean is as cool as a cucumber, haha) but it’s not as if it is our¬†first time being Masters of Ceremonies.

Our first time was last summer at our friends’ wedding: we played dual agents. Both Mr. Bean and I were in the bridal party as well as being MCs.

¬†(We had a joke that Mr. Bean had many hats due to his many roles, so he wore a top hat for part of the reception. But that’s typical Miss Bean behaviour – hamming it up. Go me.)



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