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Recaps: Throwing Stuff

I must apologize, as I lied.  I’m not quite done my recaps as I remembered that we did do a garter and bouquet toss. Apparently, they were that memorable. (Hey, in my defense, our photographer had let by this time.) Some people might find tossing stuff awkward, but I think they’re terribly entertaining because you’re throwing things at people.

Here I am, gearing up for the bouquet toss…

_dsc8868…and heave!


I don’t think it’s possible to look at these pictures and not say I’m a spaz. (But look how pretty my dress is!)

n838005653_4229213_6878(photo taken by someone holding my sister’s camera)

It looks like some people were quite keen to get it!

And then it was time for the garter toss…




(photo taken by Heather)

I honestly don’t remember who caught the garter. I was just impressed that Mr. Bean got the garter off with his teeth!

What are your thoughts on bouquet and garter tosses? Would/Did you have one?

These photos are taken by my Dad’s cousin’s husband unless otherwise noted.


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I realize that my “details” might not be quite as exciting as some people as about a month or two before the wedding, I just kind of stopped caring about them and I was too busy doing other things.

First, let’s start with some florals:

This is my tossing bouquet with the type of wine we ended up choosing. It was pretty good!


Our semi-economic centrepieces – 12$ each. I kind of wish I did something a bit more original, but in the end, it doesn’t really matter. But I can stil wish…


My gorgeous bouquet. I dried it by hanging it from one of our lamps and now keep it in a vase in our kitchen.


I love Shirley Temples. I’m not a huge alcohol drinker and I didn’t want to be drunk on my wedding day, so Shirley Temples it was. But, I’m not the only one:


Most of the paper related items in our wedding were very simple: usually a white paper with information on it with a red or black frame. Here is our Reception schedule:


Here is kind of what each table was set up like: flowers and electric candles on mirror (we weren’t allowed any open flames), one bottle each of red and white wine, reception programs and place cards.


We had really funky looking napkins. Originally, they were supposed to be erect cylinders, but you know how well that would go over with a bunch of engineers *rolls eyes*.  You can kind of see part of a place card on the bottom left.


Here is our dessert table – too bad I couldn’t really eat anything from it! (We also had a fruit platter. And I ate cheesecake with the crust cut off, for that’s how I roll.)



How much effort did you put into “the details” at your wedding? Did any one notice and/or appreciate them? If you’re not married yet, is that a priority for you?

Next up: A Penguin mini theme.

All pictures taken by Kathleen Goertzen of Precious Portrait.

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I have to admit that I’m quite proud of our kissing game. You got a hint of it with my brother earlier. So what was it? Here were our rules:

When someone rolls the dice:
Even numbers: Bride and groom kiss
For Odd numbers to get us to kiss:
3 – Roller has to kiss another person to get the bride and groom to kiss
5 or 7 – Roller has to give a piece of advice, tell a joke or a favourite memory of either the bride or groom
9 or 11 – Roller has to wear a feather boa until someone rolls a nine or eleven
It didn’t quite work that way, but that’s okay as people seemed to enjoy themselves.
So the dice were rolled, and so we kissed:
Entertainingly, it became  a contest for two of Mr. Bean’s cousin’s kids to wear the feather boa. I smell embarrassment when they eventually get married:
We had to cut it off for the sanity of their parents. But that didn’t stop Anne and Laurel from wearing them:
Or prevent me from dancing with it:
I could go on to tell about our dancing, but I already blogged about it previously here and here.
What are your favourite kissing games at weddings?
Next up: The details!
As usual, the photos are from Kathleen Goertzen from Precious Portrait.
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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I’m not going to lie – I really, really liked our cake. The main reason is because of our cake topper, as you saw previously. Here is our beautiful cake:


The top two layers were gluten and dairy free. And it was SOOOO tasty. We picked an orange-white marble cake.  We also had a soy, gluten and dairy free cupcake for Mama Bean. The cake topper and flowers were hand made from sugar paste.

We couldn’t quite cut the cake normally…


Then, I guess we got boring and cut it normally. 21172710



Thankfully, no cake smash for us. It was too good to waste. 21182719

Everyone enjoyed our cake too – it was gone in about 20 minutes. I’m looking forward to eating it on our first anniversary!

Would you do the epic cake smash, or is it a waste of good cake?

Next up: Our Kissing Game

As before, the photos are taken by Kathleen Goertzen of Precious Portrait.

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Recaps: The Reception – Toasts

After we arrived, we sat down to dinner. We had a buffet of Roast Beef and Lemon Pepper Chicken and it was prepared REALLY well. (ie. my very picky and opinionated uncle said that this was the best wedding fare he’s had, which has to mean something.) We had my friend Dana (our DOC) and a few other people get the head table food from the buffet. I highly recommend having someone give you your food on your wedding as it prevents moments of extreme spasticity.

After Dinner, as you probably have guessed, came the toasts. Or should I say roasts for 3/5 of them.

First up was my sister Anne, the Maid of Honour.


Her speech was really heartfelt and included a fair amount of teasing – as is natural for the older sister to do to the younger.

Then was Ken, our Best Man. He did a pretty good job of relaying many of Mr. Bean’s somewhat ridiculous university adventures (or should I say misadventures).


Next up was Laurel, Ken’s wife. Hers was really cute because it was based on pi, which us somewhat fitting for a physicist and an engineer.


My parents were next. At first, my dad sounded like a robot, but the got more comfortable as the toast went on. Besides, what’s not to like about telling everyone about your daughter’s misadventures?


At this point, my brother wanted to put in his two cents as the rest of my family had, so he gave Mr. Bean this gem:

“Any married man should forget his mistakes. There’s no use in two people remembering the same thing.”


Next up were Mr. Bean’s parents, who proceeded to roast Mr. Bean about many of the embarrassing moments in his life. A large part of the toast was trying to convince me to become a Saskatchewan Roughriders Fan*.


Once the toasts were complete, Mr. Bean and I went up to say our thanks to everyone who came and/or helped our. I was incredibly incoherent, but that might have been because neither of us really thought about our speech before it was supposed to happen. Oh well.

This picture below emulates one of my parent’s token wedding photos. I think they had about 20 photos, whereas we ended up with 600+ professional photos and hundreds of others.


So, you might be wondering how the toasts were received. I hope the next few pictures will show you:






What do you like most about toasts at weddings?

Next up, cake cutting!

*Mr. Bean’s family on his dad’s side are crazy Roughrider’s fan. (Don’t know who they are? Well, they’re from the Canadian Football League.) Most people in Saskatchewan are obsessed with the Roughriders – so much as to even wear watermelons on their faces or heads to games. FIL Bean once threw out his Roughrider’s shirt because they were having a really bad season. Go figure that he bought another one when they won the Grey Cup.

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Recaps: The Reception Part 1

After our photos in Bowness Park, we drove to the hotel for the reception. Before we headed into the room, we had a bathroom break. (And yes, I did sit backwards on the toliet and I only needed one person – my sister – to hold my dress.) We also removed my veil as I didn’t want to have the whole head yanked back when I hugged people. My head and neck thanked me the whole night!

My brother and cousin Dave were our MCs. They’re very comical guys, especially when they are together.


(On the left is Dave, on the right is John)

As we came into the room, they announced each member of the bridal party with a little blurb (real or not) about them. I wish I could remember them as they were quite funny!

Here comes the bridal party:

19053562Laurel and Ken (Their’s is the wedding where Mr. Bean and I were both MCs.)

19063573Heather and Vince

19063583Anne and Trevor


And last but not least – us! Let’s get this party started!

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