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Migato Shoes aka. Shoes Part 2

When I was in Crete last May, there was a sweet shoe store in Chania called Migato, where I got my token pair of “European Holiday shoes”. They even have some shoes that might work as the pair I bought is easily wide enough for my feet and they look really cute, too! (Look at the red ones):

These look like they could be wide enough with a low enough heel. They are dress enough so I could wear them again at work!
 I’m not sure whether or not I really like the buckle, but these are quite cute!

I don’t know if I really like the weird white thing on front, but they could work?
I love this style of shoe. It’s probably a bit too casual for a wedding dress though (sad day).
(All images from Migato.gr)

(I find this entertaining: apparently these are moccasins.)

Their prices are fairly expensive (my pair, which kind of looks like the last pair in shape) was 65 or 75 Euros (90-100$CAD), but I would definitely wear them again.

HOWEVER, the sad thing is that Migato is only a Greek Shoe Line (Which part of Greece, Albania or Cyprus do I live in? Unfortunately, none) and they don’t appear to have online shopping. Time to be creative. Any ideas? 


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Shoes Part 1.

I’m having some shoe angst. I’m not quite a shoeaholic, but I quite enjoy buying and wearing them. Unfortunately, I have very wide, short feet with high arches so most shoes don’t like or don’t fit me very well. When is comes to wedding shoes, I’m really not sure what to do. Especially since I am 5’11” and Mr. Bean is 6′ and he wants me to be the same height or shorter than I am, which means no heels greater than 1″ (But they’re so PRETTY!).

So, I’m looking for a red shoe with 1″ heel or less. I would prefer it to be satin-y, for I don’t think patent leather would go well with a psuedo-traditional wedding dress.
 from Shoe Mall.com
pros: it’s really cute and it fits the red, satin and heel qualifications
cons: I’m not certain if it’s wide enough and they only have a size six in stock. Boo. 

from Gap.com
pros: super cute. Could potentially go. 
cons: They don’t look wide enough and I think they were last season’s picks, so if I don’t get them now, I might never see them.

from Online Bridal Store
Pros: Comes in wide width, heel requirements
Cons: Not red and too “bridal”-y. I would like to wear these shoes again, please! 

From Zappos.com
Pros: Also incredibly cute! And Red! And Flat!
Cons: 200$US. I think I’ll have to decline 😦 

Any thoughts or ideas?    

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