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Inspiration Board

I realized the other day that I have never made an inspiration board, so almost 7 months later I now present my actual wedding as an inspiration board. Maybe it will help inspire someone!


Have you ever made an inspiration board? Show me please! For those of you who are married, let’s see your wedding’s board.


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Recaps: Penguins

I admit it, I love penguins. My first stuffed animal was a penguin (named Applesauce because my sister read the label saying “applause” incorrectly.) I squee at the sight of penguins – it doesn’t matter what kind. I thought that March of the Penguins was really depressing because the narrator was always saying: “And then this happened and more penguins died.”

Well, I think that paints the picture for you. So how did we incorporate penguins into our wedding? First of all, our colours were black, white and red. You’ve already seen the penguin cake topper, but because I like it so much, I’ll show it to you again.


Next up are our ceremony programs. Instead of creating a nice stamp with our names or something on, it I decided to use a special kind of stamp:


And last, but not least, were our table numbers. All the pictures were taken at my parent’s cabin, but some in March and others in July. One of our friends gave us this board and we hung it up in our closet to show wedding paraphernalia, such as our remaining table numbers.


On the backs of the table numbers were just a plain number, tying in the theme of the rest of our stationary.


What mini theme did you/do you want to incorporate in your wedding?

Well, I think that’s pretty much it for my recaps. I might post a few more general ideas for things and recap the weddings I’m going to this summer (but, that’s a ways away.) What would you be interesting in reading about? Ideas and inspirations? Our Stationary? Our honeymoon? Pictures and ideas from previous weddings I’ve been to?

First photo taken by Kathleen Goertzen of Precious Portrait. The rest of the are taken by me and my terrible photography skills.

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Penguin Cake Topper

Here’s a little teaser of our cake. I’m posting it in response to Weddingbee’s Mrs. Lollipop’s penguin cake toppers.


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Keepin’ it Real

After 10+ months of wedding planning, Mr. Bean and I have finally  come up with a theme for our wedding.
That’s right, keeping it real. (Or Simple). The decision ended up with us having the nerdiest conversation ever about DC motors, capacitors and complex numbers. (Yes, we’re just that cool.)
Keeping it simple means:
  • No excess decorations, with everything being clean, bold and solid colors (aka. no frondly bits & no doilys.)
  • No patterns (especially floral!)
  • No bows
  • Only doing what is necessary – no excess “stuff” that places like the knot decide that you need
  • We’re not buying anything specifically related to weddings from any kind of craft or wedding store
We came up with this theme because both of us are fairly practical people who don’t like things with super amounts of frilly-things (aka. a fair amount of Bridal-y things.) Plus, keeping things simple will be easier on our wallets and help keep us sane. I do have a tendency to get very stressy at times, so this is key 🙂
I think it’s going to be a LOT of fun, for then we focus on the things that we want, instead of what we’re supposed to want.
What is your “theme” of your wedding? How did you come to it?

Remember to Keep it Real. (In our wedding colours nonetheless!)


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