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Tonight the lovely ladies and I (aka. the female half of the bridal party) got together at Sister Bean’s hut to discuss bridal showers! We had a great time discussing various ideas of what should happen – I am so blessed to have such willing and helpful ladies as my “gang”.

I am not a person who really enjoys being in a spotlight for long periods of time, so we decided that one big shower (instead of a string of 50 billion showers) for everyone so that my death by embarrassment only happens once. Then, they are going to throw a more intimate lingerie shower for friends, where we have dinner, hang out and make fun of me as I get embarrassed about receiving racy items. Oh, and of course the infamous bachelorette 😉

I’m super excited about the theme of my bachelorette party – no wild partying at clubs for me! Here’s a teaser:



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