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I was reading something and I came along this game called “Love, Hate, Friendship or Marriage?”

Here are the rules:

“The origin of this game is unknown. In olden times, the game was played as follows: A curious lass (though we don’t suppose there would be any harm if it were a lad) would write down her name, and the name of the lad (or lass) to whom her heart belonged.

She would then examine every letter in her name, and if it appeared in his name she would cross it off in each name. She would then label the remaining letters with L, H, F, and M (for Love, Hate, Friendship, and Marriage), repeated from the beginning of her name, to the end of his. Whatever letter was used last was said to indicate the kind of relationship the two of them could expect in the future.”

– Villainy Amusements

Happily, I played this game with both my married name and my maiden name and it said that we were destined for marriage. That’s good, for the damage has already been done 😉

(Note: I blocked out our last name for privacy sake 🙂 )

You can find out what your destiny is with the person of your interest here. What is your result?

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