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Communion or not?

Something Mr. Bean and I have been debating since we got engaged was whether or not to have communion in our ceremony. We’re both practicing Anglicans and have been going to church for our entire lives, so the symbolism of partaking in communion would be very significant. However, there are a few points that make having communion less favourable. 

Pros Cons
  • Very symbolic – inviting God into our new married life from the very beginning
  • Important to our faith
  • Involve more people in the ceremony
  • Communion for 175 guests is a production
  • It will add at least 30 minutes to our ceremony – generally people enjoy shorter wedding ceremonies and then if I’m late, there is less time to play with for pictures, greeting guests, etc.
  • Need to find communion servers and make sure ushers know what is happening to prevent a gong show
  • Have to pay vendors to stay there longer

After much discussion and angst about timing of the day, we have decided to not have communion. Besides, everyone knows that all I really want is a huge red wine stain down my dress because I was nervous when the cup came to me! (or not.) Now we are deciding  whether or not to include a unity demonstration – like a unity candle type thing. It’s time to do some research – any suggestions? 

For those of you who are/were also debating as to whether or not have communion, how did you come to your final decision?


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