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Mr. Bean and I have been taking ballroom dancing lessons at the university ballroom dancing club since September and they are a TON of fun! (Mr. Bean even has fun!) No awkward junior high dancing for us!

Now comes the hard part – what dance to do as our first dance? Neither of us have a particular song that we want to dance to, so we’re going to base it on what we like to do. My favourite dance by far is the Tango, but I don’t imagine it would be quite as exotic in a huge dress. Tango + Huge Dress = Bad.

Since we both love the Tango, we’re thinking of doing it as our last dance – once we’ve changed into slightly more dance-friendly clothing.

My second favourite dance is the Cha-cha. It’s quite saucy and fun.  I think if you get a slow enough beat, it’ll be doable in a dress.

Isn’t that just a lot of fun?

Do you think that doing either of these dances is doable as a first or last dance? What are you and your FI planning to dance?

Note: We are no where as good as the dancers in the videos – not yet, anyways :o)


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