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Migato Shoes aka. Shoes Part 2

When I was in Crete last May, there was a sweet shoe store in Chania called Migato, where I got my token pair of “European Holiday shoes”. They even have some shoes that might work as the pair I bought is easily wide enough for my feet and they look really cute, too! (Look at the red ones):

These look like they could be wide enough with a low enough heel. They are dress enough so I could wear them again at work!
 I’m not sure whether or not I really like the buckle, but these are quite cute!

I don’t know if I really like the weird white thing on front, but they could work?
I love this style of shoe. It’s probably a bit too casual for a wedding dress though (sad day).
(All images from Migato.gr)

(I find this entertaining: apparently these are moccasins.)

Their prices are fairly expensive (my pair, which kind of looks like the last pair in shape) was 65 or 75 Euros (90-100$CAD), but I would definitely wear them again.

HOWEVER, the sad thing is that Migato is only a Greek Shoe Line (Which part of Greece, Albania or Cyprus do I live in? Unfortunately, none) and they don’t appear to have online shopping. Time to be creative. Any ideas? 


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