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I’m not going to lie – I really, really liked our cake. The main reason is because of our cake topper, as you saw previously. Here is our beautiful cake:


The top two layers were gluten and dairy free. And it was SOOOO tasty. We picked an orange-white marble cake.  We also had a soy, gluten and dairy free cupcake for Mama Bean. The cake topper and flowers were hand made from sugar paste.

We couldn’t quite cut the cake normally…


Then, I guess we got boring and cut it normally. 21172710



Thankfully, no cake smash for us. It was too good to waste. 21182719

Everyone enjoyed our cake too – it was gone in about 20 minutes. I’m looking forward to eating it on our first anniversary!

Would you do the epic cake smash, or is it a waste of good cake?

Next up: Our Kissing Game

As before, the photos are taken by Kathleen Goertzen of Precious Portrait.

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Penguin Cake Topper

Here’s a little teaser of our cake. I’m posting it in response to Weddingbee’s Mrs. Lollipop’s penguin cake toppers.


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When it came time for us to look for a cake, I was really excited, for cakes are really pretty. So I started looking for pictures on the Internet and found delights such as: 

Next was to find a bakery in Calgary that was able to make such cakes with these criteria:
1. Look pretty like those cakes above.
2. Not contain Gluten (so basically wheat flour) or dairy (with minor “no”s for soy, eggs and cinnamon) 
3. Not be fruitcake.
4. Not be chocolate cake.

So, idealistic me found 8 different places that made wedding cakes in Calgary. Four flat out said that they don’t make GF cakes, one suggested a bakery that was capable of making fruitcakes, one was the bakery capable of making only fruitcakes, one that could make GF cakes but had recently moved out of the country and  finally a champion baker that said that she could. This angel is Judy of Cake Sensations.

Thus, Mr. Bean and I drove to the most possible southern tip of Calgary to meet with her. She was extremely nice and after showing us her beautiful pictures and Mr. Bean tasting some of the gluten-tastic samples, we were sold. Here was a baker who would make us a dairy, gluten and fruitcake free cake that will look AMAZING!

Our cake will look like the picture below, only with black instead of white ribbon and red flowers. We’re also going to have penguin cake toppers that she will make from sugar paste. The top two layers will be gluten free and the bottom will be made with wheat (it’s cruel to feed GF products to normal people. Plus, it means more cake for me!) The best thing is, since the fondant icing has soy in it, she is even making a special cupcake for my mum so that she can have some cake, too! How cool is that? 

How did you find your perfect cake?

The cake was a couple hundred dollars more than we had budgeted for originally, but I think it’s worth it. What items have you gone way over your budget on and felt completely at ease about? 

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