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Welcome to my all things wedding related blog! I always find that the first post is the most awkward, so I thought that I would start by introducing myself a little!

My name is Christine, but my family and close friends call be Bean. I will probably refer to myself as Miss Bean, as is done on my (basically) favourite wedding website, weddingbee. Mr. FI will be referred to as Mr. Bean – not to be confused with Rowan Atkinson’s Mr Bean.

Both Mr. Bean and I are classic nerds – I’m studying chemical engineering while he has a Bachelor’s in Physics and a Masters in Medical Physics. We both really enjoy talking about various scientific and academic subjects and look forward to including such traits into our wedding! A prime example is that our ceremony is at 1:41, which is the square root of two. (Alas, 3:14 would have been too late in the day!)

Our colours are red, black, white and silver – I guess I couldn’t really make up my mind. However, I do think that these colours will lend themselves to be quite classy and create quite a striking effect.

I’m really looking forward to writing in this blog and receiving people’s input on my ideas!


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